ICONA POP Releases Debut Album "This Is... Icona Pop"!

Aino Jawo and Caroline Hjelt -- otherwise known as Icona Pop -- finally have their debut album titled "THIS IS... ICONA POP" released, which will be housing 11 tracks including their hit "I Love It feat. Charli XCX" and their current single "All Night".


1) I Love It (feat. Charli XCX)
2) All Night 
3) We Got The World 
4) Ready For The Weekend 
5) Girlfriend
6) In The Stars 
7) On A Roll 
8) Just Another Night
9) Hold On
10) Light Me Up 
11) Then We Kiss 

The Swedish duo have sold more than 2 million copies of their first official US single "I Love It" and ever since, they have been invited to perform in front of millions of people across the world. And the album æTHIS ISà ICONA POPÆ was written and recorded all over the globe during those worldwide "adventures" since becoming a big hit in the international scene.

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