MIKKIE BRADSHAW Talks About Her First Lead Role in "Carrie the Musical"


The supernatural and unexplainable collide in Atlantis Productions' "Carrie the Musical." Get into the horror train and spook yourself with flying chairs, falling ceilings and characters drenched in blood. 

Bobby Garcia directed this Stephen King based story into what others may call a masterpiece. Mikkie Bradshaw belts it out as she plays the lead in the play. Her dedication to the role is so felt that viewers themselves grip to their seats under her character's evils stares. 

MYXPH got the chance to speak to this talented thespian and was able to get into the mind of this girl who plays Carrie. 

Despite the fact that this is her first lead role in her career, she exhibited impeccable skill in the craft. The amount of effort and drive she gave to nail this character definitely can be seen int he way she hot the high notes the musical requires from her show after show. 

See for yourself the terror and talent this play displays. Carrie the musical runs until October 6th. For more information, go to

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