Trumpets' "The Bluebird of Happiness" Brings All Smiles

Sit down, relax and be amazed! "The Bluebird of Happiness" brings color and spectacle set per set this September! 

For those who don't know "The Bluebird of Happiness," it is the new musical from Trumpets, based on "The Blue Bird" by Belgian playwright Maurice Maeterlinck. Expect lyrics by book author Jaime Del Mundo and music by Rony Fortich.

This play definitely wows the crowd with ever costume, and stage design. Feast your eyes on flying birds, twinkling lights, the wide variety of characters it offers. 

"The Bluebird of Happiness" takes storytelling to another level as it vividly captures wild imaginations through its imagery and design. Not only do you have talented actors and actresses, but you also find yourself appreciating all the other people behind this magnificent production.

Visit and get a ticket to see it for yourself. Find out what you're missing out on!

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