In An Alternate Universe, AIZA SEGUERRA Would Not Be A Singer But A...

Let's say that in an alternate universe, Aiza Seguerra was not the successful singer she is now. What then would she be? 

MYXPH wanted to find out what other dreams Aiza had. We asked her what other professions she would have pursued, and this is what she said. Watch the video below!

"Siguro ano ako..siyempre, para kumita, magcacall center ako... pero may banda ako!" Aiza said. Obviously Aiza can't imagine a life without music. Could you guys imagine her as a call center agent? 

How about a soldier? She mentioned, "frustrated soldier ako. Mahilig ako sa guns, and then ewan ko...when I was younger, I had this fascination of dying a heroes death!" Wow! How imaginative her childhood mind probably was. She said that if not a soldier, a doctor is who she would be.

Well, whatever it is that she dreamed to be, it's definitely not what turned out int he end. No doubt about it though, Aiza seems to be more than happy being in a successful career in her age of 30!

What can you say about her dream professions? Can you imagine? Let us know by leaving a comment below!