KLEY Launches Music Video Starring Jay-R and Our Very Own VJ Iya

The Homeworkz family reunited once again last Monday night for one of their very own band's, Kley, music video launch.

The public, as well as Homeworkz's family and friends found themselves seated and anticipating the series of performances as early as 10:30 PM at Off the Grille Timog.

Amber, Salbakuta, Kris Lawrence, Mica and Jay-R are only few of those who sang in support of Kley's new music video for the song "Hintayin."

The mentioned video, directed by Cristhian Escolano, stars Jay-R and MYX's very own VJ Iya Villania.

Curious as to what the music video is about? Then, keep on the look out for MYXPH's exclusive interview with Kley's lead singer. Find out more about the band, like how they came to be, what their song "Hintayin" means, and a lot more!

In the meantime, check out the photos below to find out what you missed out on, or click here to see the complete set of photos.

How do you feel about the Jay-R - Iya music video tandem?Let us know by leaving a comment below!