GLOC-9 Raps About Sex Trade In Brand New Song!

After sharing the story of a gay guy who manned up and took care of his Dad until his deathbed, Gloc-9 now talks about the plight of a female prostitute.

"Magda" is the first single from the OPM rapper's latest album "Liham at Lihim".

No less than Rico Blanco sings the track's chorus which goes: "Magdalena anong problema? Bakit 'di ka makawala sa kadena sa gabi-gabi ikaw ay nasa selda ng hanapbuhay mo ngayon".

The former Rivermaya frontman makes an appearance on the music video together with Jennylyn Mercado as Magda; and Alex Medina as her lover, Ernesto.

Click here to view photos from the music video shoot.

Gloc claims to be a fan of Freddie Aguilar's classic tune "Magdalena" and says it's the inspiration behind his own song.

"Sabi ko gusto ko gumawa ng kanta tungkol sa mga kababaihan natin na nasa ganitong larangan," explains the Pinoy entertainer who won Favorite Song and Favorite Collaboration for the phenomenal "Sirena" at the 2013 MYX Music Awards.

When asked about his purpose for writing the song, Gloc replied: "Una, to create awareness pero if it will help to stop or lessen (prostitution) mas mabuti. Ayoko naman po masyado maging preachy sa kanta ko. Nasa sa tao po mismo ang pagbabago."

The sex trade industry is a big problem and remains an issue of concern in our country.

According to statistics, there is an estimated "375,000 women and girls in the sex trade in the Philippines, mostly between the ages of 15 and 20, though some are as young as 11". (Source: Fact Sheet About Sex Trade in the Philippines)

Other songs which tackle human trafficking, prostitution or child abuse include The Police's "Roxanne", Sade's "Smooth Operator", and Gloc-9's idol, the late Francis M's "Nilamon ng Sistema".

More recent tracks are the Arctic Monkey's "When The Sun Goes Down", Lil Wayne's "Prostitute", Panic! At The Disco's "Build God, Then We'll Talk" and My Chemical Romance's "I Don't Love You".

Click the video below for our MYXph exclusive behind-the-scenes footage and interviews from "Magda" music video shoot.

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    lahat ng kanta mo may sense and good to hear :))

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    iba ka gumawa ng song idol... galing!!!!!!!


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    isa na namang obra na siguradong tatatak sa pinoy!!!!


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    kaabang_abang to idol...