AIZA SEGUERRA On Charice's Coming Out: "Akala ng mga tao it was so easy for me..."

It's been a while since Charice Pempengco came out with the statement "Opo, Tomboy po ako." during an interview in the buzz with host Boy Abunda. But even till now, Charice continues to receive criticism and words of encouragement from various members of the public.

MYXPH approached Aiza Seguerra, who sang side by side Charice for their "Power of Two" concert. We asked the artist what she could say about Charice's coming out and these were the words Aiza shared:

"Akala ng mga tao it was so easy for me. Ang difference lang namin ngayon at swerta lang din ako... na the time I came out and everything, di pa ako nadamay sa age ng social media. And we know how social media is. Sometimes it's good and sometimes it can be very cruel, and siguro alam mo yun... siguro if nanyari sakin yun nuon, I dont think I would be... I don't know how i would have handled it. Kaya nakakabilib ang mga tao na who still stand up for what they believe in inspite of easy access nga na pwede siraan sila."

Aiza Seguerra seems to understand the struggle and challenge Charice faces today. MYXPH wanted to know what advice Aiza could give Charice. After all, Aiza has gone through the hardest part of the accepting process of the public already. 

"Just stay strong, kasi you will never know what other people will say about you," said Aiza. "(It's) important to know who you are and just be secured with you are, and love who you are. Whatever other people say about you?... that shouldn't matter anymore," Aiza concluded.

If you wanna hear what she has to say for yourself, watch the video below!

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