ELY BUENDIA, YAN YUZON & KING PALISOC Take The Filmmaking Route Via "BANG BANG ALLEY" got to talk to "newbie" filmmakers Yan Yuzon, King Palisoc and Ely Buendia right after the world premiere of their crime anthology film.

They discussed their respective short feature films which comprised "Bang Bang Alley".

Yan Yuzon said "Aso't Pusa't Daga" all started with him and Ely talking about gangster-themed movies like "The Godfather", "Public Enemy" and TV shows like "The Sopranos".

"Of course some of it are sensationalized, some of it has dramatic flare added to it, but the fact is it is reflective of how crime occurs in their society... and crime occurs in this society all the time! So parang, 'why can't we make a film about the crime?'... and of course it's violent and we don't want to see violence. Pero para siyang yung car crash sa highway di ba? Ayaw mong makakita ng blood and guts sa concrete pero di ba, ang hirap hindi tumingin?," explained Yuzon, who also directed brother Yael and bandmates on Sponge Cola's "Kay Tagal Kitang Hinintay" music video.

Joel Torre, Bela Padilla and Yan himself stars in "Aso't Pusa't Daga".

Award-winning music video director King Palisoc meanwhile, tackles a type of violence commonly seen on Pinoy tabloids.

"Technically wala naman tayong serial killers , the stuff that you see (on tabloids) are not 'intelligent crimes' di ba? Those are basically pulled out from emotions. So that's where the idea came about na 'what if i do a story that had to do something with crimes of passion'," said Palisoc who directed "Makina". The story revolves around a driver, played by Gabe Mercado, whose insanity becomes full blown when he discovers his wife is cheating on him.

Palisoc directed a number of Pupil's music videos like "Monobloc" and "Sa Dulo ng Dila", plus Tanya Markova's "Disney".

Lastly, Ely Buendia was inspired by the late great FPJ and Western action films in creating the intro short film, which stars Jimmy Santos; and "Pusakal" with Miss World 2013 Megan Young playing the lead role.

"I grew up with mga action films ni Fernando Poe, mga Westerns so 'yung parang ganun 'yung takbo ng story ko. It's about yung mga 'Wanted people', mga outlaws, mga fugitives and 'yung lawlessness that exist, not just in the countryside, siyempre in the city, in the urban landscape, na you would think only happens in the movies but actually happens everyday in this country," said Buendia who was in fact, a film major back in college.

"The other thing was, we made it a point that we do stories that somehow are on a small scale, more intimate. It's about people and relationships between people and how we deal with circumstances, unfaithfulness, or how they deal with anger. We made it a point na hindi siya magmumukhang Hollywood movie. We wanted it to have a local flavor. In that sense I think doon talaga nag-revolve yung scenes and style nung movie," added the Pupil frontman.

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Get a chance to watch "Bang Bang Alley" at the DLSU Freedom Film Festival 2 on October 18; before its commercial release later this year.

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