If Not A Singer, JAY-R Would Be A...

Let's say that Jay-R didn't turn out to be the amazing singer that he is. Imagine a world where he didn't really get to find himself in the music scene. How then would Jay-R make a name for himself? 

MYXph spoke to the star and asked him just who he would be if he was in some alternate reality. His answer? Watch below!

Now, would you have thought that Jay-R could be a basketball star? Well, he sure thinks he's got the skills and height for it! Jay-R shared how fond of basketball he is to a point that he could  have even considered joining the PBA! 

If all else fails, he's got his computer degree to back him up. His fondness of computers would have possibly led him to be the next Bill Gates! Who knows? 

Well, we all got to remember that there's no use for alternate reality talk. Jay-R commands the scene with his impeccable voice and remarkable talent along with his other co artists under his Homeworkz label. 

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