What Will LUIS MANZANO Come As This Halloween?

photo from @luckymanzano Instagram

Last year, Luis Manzano and Jennylyn Mercado celebrated Halloween together in what seemed to look like a complimentary outfit. We have yet to find out what they will be coming as for this year's fun or spooky festivities. 

MYXph peeked through Luis' Instagram @luckymanzano account posts to find out what he just might dress as. 

Wolverine perhaps? A superhero outfit is always a go to costume these days.

photo from @luckymanzano Instagram

Then again, he just might tweak it a bit and go villain! Luis does look good with that rad headpiece!

photo from @luckymanzano Instagram

He could just go ordinary too! You don't always have to dress fabulous for Halloween. Sometimes, looking ordinarily different could do. Maybe a wig and beard would be Luis' quick Halloween fix.

photo from @luckymanzano Instagram

But honestly, why go low profile during one of the most extreme days in the year? Halloween is a day to get crazy and wacky! Luis just might convince his father to sport a rocker look again.

photo from @luckymanzano Instagram

If not rock, there's always pop too. Michael Jackson is one Halloween staple attire. 

photo from @luckymanzano Instagram

Whatever look Luis picks this year, we just hope it's as awesome as the wild and wicked as the costumes he wears throughout the year. Maybe you can follow his footsteps and copy some of these looks!

What do you think is the best Halloween costume? Let us know by leaving a comment below!