Paboritong Dead Celeb Trio ni VJ Chino

Ibinahagi ni VJ Chino kung sinu-sinong music icon sana ang gusto niyang ma-meet and mapanood live. Clue? Well, the two music icons died because of gun shot -- one was shot by a fan, while the other committed suicide. Yung isa naman ay very popular in the reggae genre. May mga ideya na ba kayo?

Bakit hindi natin alamin mismo mula kay VJ Chino?

John Lennon was an English musician who rose to fame as a member of the Beatles. He went solo and produced iconic songs such as "Give Peace a Chance" and "Imagine".

Kurt Cobain was the lead singer, guitarist and primary songwriter of the band Nirvana who found a breakthrough success with the song "Smells Like Teen Spirit".

Bob Marley was a Jamaican singer-songwriter who made it big in the international scene through a series of crossover reggae albums. Some of his hits include "I Shot The Sheriff", "Redemption Song" and "Three Little Birds".

Kayo guys, if this Halloween a ghost from the past comes to visit you, sinong gusto niyong ma-meet and why? Share niyo naman by leaving a comment below!