Was VJ AI's First MYX Halloween Special An Epic Fail?

Halloween is just around the corner.

And so is this year's MYX Halloween special "Diary".

This is VJ Ai's first time to act in a horror film and in our exclusive video, she blogs about how difficult it was for her, well not because she has no talent in acting, but because of the antics of her co-stars!

"I had an idea what we're gonna do... ang struggle is not to laugh kasi sobrang ang laugh trip ng mga lines. Tapos nag-a-adlib pa yung mga kasama mong VJs... so ang hirap na mag-straight face," said VJ Ai, who is portraying Wednesday Addams on today's MYX Daily Top Ten.

Check out the rest of her blog below.

Well, we've checked out the trailer and we must say, VJ Ai did pretty well on her acting debut!

So, don't you dare fail to catch the world premiere of "Diary" on October 26 at 6PM on MYX.

As Ai would put it: "This is more special than the usual Halloween special!"

Click the video below to watch its official trailer.

Watch VJ Ai on MYX Daily Top Ten today at 12 NN and at 4PM!

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