This sunday, we're giving you a Srowback of our very own MYX VJs! Take a peek at their cute baby selves or their awkward puberty looks! Jump back in time with us by checking out the phtos below! á

First in the roll call is VJ Chino! He may have looked small before, but he's no where near that height today! Don't you agree after seeing this photo from @chinoluipio's Instagram?

Would you have guessed who this was? Thanks to this photo post from @luckymanzano's Instagram, we got the chance to see VJ Iya in her youth! Side by side @iyavillania's Instagram post, we find out how much VJ Iya has changed through the years.

Next up are the photos from @karlaaguas's Instagram! This VJ pretty much still looks a bit like her baby self. Her distinct baby features can still be seen in how she looks like today. What do you think?

These photos from VJ @nikkigil's Instagram wasn't hard to find. This VJ seems to be a big fan of the throwback Thursday, so much so that finding baby photos is almost easy peasy!

It may have been a challenge to look for a baby photo of VJ Sam, but we at MYXph scoured the Instagram universe and got to find one. Where from? Well, from @jascurtissmith's Instagram of course! From teeny bopper, sam has turned into one hunky man! Just check out VJ sam_concepcion's Instagram photo!

Last on the round up is VJ Ai! These photos from @aidelacruz's Instagram displays cuteness encompassing age. Would you agree with us here at MYXph if we say that she still looks liker her baby self?

How much have they changed? Let us know if you guys guessed the photos right by leaving a comment below!