VJ CHINO Goes Senti Saturday! Watch "SingSing" Tonight @ 11PM

If something scared the living hell out of you, wouldn't you want to forget all about it?

Well, that's not the case for VJ Chino.

In his recent VJ Blog, he talked about how he still views the previous MYX Halloween Specials.

"Pinapanood pa rin namin, tumatawa pa rin kami, nag-eenjoy pa rin kami everytime pinapanood namin," revealed Chino.

See his entire blog below.

We think we have an idea on what they laugh about in 2011's "SingSing". Check it out below!

In case you don't know yet, this year, MYX is bringing you an originally-produced Halloween special once again. 

But before we reveal what "Diary" is all about, we will first bring you on a "Senti Saturday" trip.

MYX will air the 2011 Halloween special entitled "SingSing" tonight at 11PM!

This is your chance to relive the horrifying experience all over again.

Watch its trailer below.

Catch "SingSing" tonight at 11PM!

Tell all your friends about it and gather them up. You might not want to watch this alone!

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