SROWBACK SUNDAY! The Creepy Clown Returns To MYX!

CLOWNS are supposed to be funny, right?
One of them proved you DEAD WRONG! 

Last year, MYX brought you the weirdest, creepiest little character you'll ever see on TV in our 2012 Halloween Special "Kadena".

Experience the horrifying chain of events once again!

Watch former VJs KA and Bianca, together with Nikki, Iya and Chino as they figure out how to conquer an evil clown.

Catch "Kadena" on the MYX channel at 11 TONIGHT!

Click the trailer below.

You guys want more? Here's another throwback!

Check out VJ Nikki dressed as a corpse when the cast promoted "Kadena" on "The Nikki Gil Show".

View the entire MYXph exclusive behind-the-scenes album in our Photos Section.

Don't fail to watch the World Premiere of this year's MYX Halloween Special called "Diary" on October 26 at 6PM.

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