JERON TENG Gets Into The Music Scene?

Ever wonder what La Salle Green Archers star player, and this year's UAAP MVP, Jeron Teng does in his free time? 

Well, MYXPH got the chance to catch up with this famous basketball player to find out what he does when he gets time off training. According to Jeron, he spends his free time for his music. 

You heard it right! Jeron says he makes time for learning to play the guitar! We asked him if he has ever tried serenading a girl with his plucking and strumming skills, and he said no. Could you, dear reader, be the first one Jeron might play and sing to?

The team, who was with him during our interview, said that Jeron could sing. We tried to get him to sing a few lines, or even hum a bit, but he shied away instead, saying "I can't sing. I can't, I cant, I can't. They usually just laugh at me when I sing, so I'd rather not sing!"

MYXPH wonder if he's just being humble about a possible powerhouse vocals. What do you think?

We asked him what song it is that he considers to be an LSS and he said "Blurred Lines." Why? According to him, it's because of the music video! 

Looks like Jeron Teng isn't making use of his musical skills to get girls, just yet! For now, he's fine just watching Robin Thicke get all the girls in "Blurred Lines."

Do you think we should force him to sing next time? Let us know by leaving a comment below!