Inside Story to JAY-R's "Tonight"

Have you seen Jay-R and Mica Javier's "Tonight" music video? Well, if you haven't then maybe you should take a peek below!

Notice all the hair flipping, body bumping and instense touching? Well, Jay-R says that all of that is to make it a more "sexy and edgy" video. MYXPH got the chance to chit chat with Jay-R and find out what he has to say about the video shot all the way in the United States. 


We've seen Jay-R in music videos, but never like this. "Well the whole concept is all about visuals. We wanted to make it look really fresh... really young," said Jay-R. He went on saying "We made it really sexy. Lately I've been doing these really really safe music videos. So we wanted to do something unsafe." We've never seen Jay-R like this before, dancing side by side talented singer Mica Javier and getting down and dirty.

"For a while, I had long hair. It was kind of like my new image right? We shaved it off live on camera and it resonated nice through video. It's something different lang. Those are the little things, the little strategies that will keep our audience wanting to watch the video." he said.

Watch the complete interview below!

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