Find Out Which Local and Foreign Song JAY-R Has On Repeat!

Most of the time we forget that singers and musicians are just like all of us normal people. We get into trends, follow the hippest fads and well, listen to the newest songs. 

MYXPH tries to bridge the gap by being your way into getting into the minds of your most favorite artists! We interviewed Jay-R and tried to get to know what songs he can't get out of his head. This is what he said...

It looks like Jay-R has Sam Concepcion's "Dati" on repeat on his mp3 player. It's his current LSS, that he can't just get out of his mind! Try to take a listen of the said track below. Maybe it could be your go to song too, right after!

Aside from that, another song that Jay-R seems to have close to his heart is Brian Mcknight's "Home." According to him, it soothes him every time he's stressed. Could this be an anti-stress track? Give it a shot! 

What do you think about Jay-R's taste in music? What playlist would you like MYXPH to ask artists to create for you? Let us know by leaving a comment below!