JUSTIN BIEBER Says "Hold Tight" On New "MUSIC MONDAYS" Track Release!

Are you ready Justin Bieber fans? A new track is out and you just might like it! 

On this week's "Music Mondays," Justin Bieber comes out with "Hold Tight." This is his third and most emotional track so far in the weekly releases. Hear gut wrenching lyrics of anguish, pain and longing in this new song by the Biebs! 

Earlier in the month, we've heard "Heartbreaker" and "All That Matters." 

Now, let's listen to "Hold Tight." Click the clip below!

What do you think about the track? Can you feel the sincerity, or can you notice a possible reminiscing? Lines such as "something ilk a zip-lock/ But a lip lock/ Want you wrapped around me like a wrist watch," came out in the R&B song. Is this a cry for Selena? Or simply lyrics for a new found, or soon to have love? 

Are you excited for next week's song? Let us know by leaving a comment below!