This Halloween, Singers Can Dress As Their Look-Alikes!

In just a few days, Halloween will be coming up! Ever wonder what our local singers will be wearing for the festive day? In case they're busy, and don't have the time to buy and get their outfits made, MYXPH compiled photos of singers who could possible come as their look-alikes! Check it out!

Photo of Yael and James Franco from here and here.

First on the list is singer Yael! Would you agree if we told you we see a little bit of James Franco in him? 

Photo of Mark Bautista and Chris Tiu from here and here.

Mark Bautista could probably dress up as famed basketball star Chris Tiu, or vice versa. There is just something about these two that makes them look like each other's brother!

Photo of Jett Pangan and John Lapus from here and here.

What do you think about this? Do they look alike or is it a far stretch? You decide!

Photo of Jonas Brothers and Matt Evans from here and here.

Matt Evans might not be a singer, but the Jonas brothers can probably dress up as him over there in the United States!

Photo of Bruno Mars, Bamboo and Jericho from here, here and here.

Last on the list is Bamboo and Jericho Rosales who look like Bruno Mars. Is it the hat and the eyes?

Photo of Bruno Mars, Bamboo and Jericho from here, here and here.

Or is it that sparkly boy next door smile? Tell us what you think!

Who else do you think look like someone famous? Let us know by leaving a comment below!