#SugarSmashGin Proves That 3-in-1's Are Indeed "Yummy"!

Throwback happened earlier than usual this week!

Three American rock bands from the US which rose to fame in the 90's, joined forces to bring us #SugarSmashGin at the Big Dome last night.

Smash Mouth, Sugar Ray and Gin Blossoms all gave Pinoy "Dekada Nobenta" kids an awesome night to remember.

Warming up the stage was our vey own Color It Red fronted by the gorgeous Ms. Cookie Chua. OPM lovers got to hear their hits like "Na Naman", "I Need You Here" and "Paglisan"; as well as songs from their latest album and some classic rock covers.

Smash Mouth was the first to perform during the main show. With original members Steve Harwell (vocals) and Paul De Lisle (bass) taking the lead, the band took the crowd to a dancing frenzy with their original hits like "Walkin' On The Sun" and "All Star"; and their famous version of The Monkee's "I'm A Believer" featured on the film "Shrek". 

And then it was all shrieks and shrills for the females in attendance as Mark McGrath and the rest of Sugar Ray took the stage. They played all the hits: "Fly", "Every Morning", "Someday" and "When It's Over". McGrath even dedicated the song "Under The Sun" to the first chick he ever kissed, claiming she was Filipina! He also said that he was really glad to meet current Journey singer Arnel Pineda in person. Another highlight of their performance was when two guys from the Patron section were called on stage to sing and dance to Psy's "Gangnam Stye" and BEP's "I Gotta Feeling". Can you say "Monday Night Rockeoke"?!?

Gin Blossoms closed out the night, giving their all despite coming from an exhausting 30-hour plane ride, and arriving in Manila  just 30 minutes before their set. They did not disappoint their loyal fans, who are mostly young professionals by now, who sang along to the band's long list of 90s hits including "'Til I Hear It From You", "Follow You Down", "Allison Road", "Found Out About You" and "Hey, Jealousy". Lead vocalist Robin Wilson offered "As Long As It Matters" to the people of Cebu devastated by the recent quake. Cebu City was the second stop of their 2010 Philippine tour.

Missed this nostalgia trip? Check out fresh images from our Photos Section featuring Color It Red, Smash Mouth, Sugar Ray and Gin Blossoms.

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