Is There A Difference Between EDM and Skratching? DJ QBERT Answers!

Are you also one of those people confused between electronic dance music (EDM) and skratching?

Worry no more, because got to talk with none other than the world-renowned DJ Qbert and asked him if there is really a difference between the two!

"Skratching is what you do on the turntable where you play it like a musical instrument," explains DJ Qbert, who conducts turntable lessons through his online university.

Qbert explains that people can also skratch with EDM. "You can skratch to country music, you can skratch to rock, you can skratch to anything... It's a musical instrument, basically."

Watch our full interview with DJ Qbert by clicking the video below:

You can also watch a sample of EDM music by David Guetta below:

Tagged as the Greatest DJ in the World and one of the most influential DJs of all time, DJ Qbert is one of the only two DJs in history to be Knighted by the Grand Masters of the Hip Hop culture.

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