CHRIS BROWN Did It Again! Put To Jail For...

Rihanna and Chris Brown fans were shocked when news broke out about the assault charge. A mixture of anger and surprise is what was mostly felt. The then couple parted ways after the case, leaving Chris Brown to face serious circumstances. 

Remember how beaten Rihanna's face was? Photos of her surfaced internet, showing how much damage was done. Look at the photo below! 

Chris Brown still continues to face probation for that incident which happened in 2009. And it's possible that he just might have already violated it because of a new incident, which occurred last night. 

Chris Brown was arrested for felony assault. He allegedly attacked a man outside a hotel after getting into an argument, according to TMZ

A lady wanted to have a photograph with the said artist. Upon the taking of the photo, two men joined in to become part of the shot. Chris Brown remarked, "I'm not into this gay s**t, I'm into boxing," then punched the victim. 

He and his bodyguard who were both involved in the fight were arrested for assault. Looks like this isn't good news for Chris Brown. If this violates his probation, he might be looking at 4 years in prison!  

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