GLOC-9 Enters The MYX Daily Top Ten!

Gloc-9 has returned to the MYX Daily Top Ten! This time, with his latest single "Magda"!

The song, which features Rico Blanco, entered the daily countdown at No. 6 today. "Magda" is the first single from Gloc-9's latest album "Liham At Lihim" which was launched last Saturday. You can check out our photo gallery for our photos from the album launch! (Batch 1, and Batch 2)

Meanwhile, Sarah Geronimo retains her lead on the countdown for the fifth day with "Ikot-Ikot"! Can she stay on top for the rest of the week? Or will Gloc-9 dethrone the Popstar Princess soon?

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VJ Karla is taking over the Monday edition of the MYX Daily Top Ten! View our behind-the-scenes photos by clicking here!

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  • kheltopi2012

    posted 4 years ago

    sobrang ganda ng kanta mo idol Gloc9 Magda, makabuluhan lahat ng mga kanta. sobrang sulit ang mahabang pagaantay namin sa new album mo LIham at Lihim.


    posted 4 years ago

    malupet ka talaga magsulat ng mga kanta ser Gloc9, sulit na sulit ang nw album mo #LihamatLihim. suportang solido lagi kami sayo idol! :)