Copy VJ Sam's Costumes This Halloween!

Having trouble this Halloween picking out a proper attire to take out? Well, not to worry! MYXPH has a compilation of photos for you to gather inspiration from!

MYXPH raided VJ Sam's Instagram account to help you readers come up with something this Halloween!

VJ Sam sure does look mighty fine in his PSY inspired outfit, complete with sunglasses and the signature coat and tie! Why not sport the same look? 


If you're feeling desperate, there are always cute animal hats in department stores for you to buy! Not only are they a quick fix, but they're cute too!

This might not look like a costume in itself, but it sure does bring about a certain sense of inspiration! You don't need to come as anything iconic, just go goofy and mix and match!

Now you have no excuse to not be part of the fun this Halloween! Enjoy!

What is your favorite VJ Sam costume? Let us know by leaving a comment below!