VJ KARLA Helps You Pick Out Your Halloween Costumes

Happy Halloween from MYXPH! What are your plans for today and tonight? 

Will you find time to dress up and go trick or treating? Or will you get all dolled up to party the night away? Well if you still don't have any plans, then don't fret! There's still time! 

Get into the festive mood by coming out in your spookiest, craziest or oddest costume. MYXPH collected a series of photographs from MYX's very own VJ Karla's Instagram account (@karlaaguas) to help you brainstorm on your last minute attire!

Sometimes all it takes is an outfit change! Show your sportsmanship by showing up in a jersey of your school's rival! Just look at VJ Karla, true blue blooded Ateneo graduate but could also wear a La Salle jersey from time to time!


Got your hair dyed to a deep or light red? Then Hermione could be a look for you! All you need is a cape, a cloak and a wand! 


If all else fails, why not dress a certain culture? VJ Karla goes all Hip Hop with her beanie and sneakers. A costume doesn't always have to be out of this world, it could be anything as long as you have fun with what you wear! 
Got a hat lying around and a plaid polo in your closet? Say howdy with a cowgirl costume. Put on some boots and you're ready to go!


Take yourself into a different place by wearing a traditional attire! Look at VJ Karla below going all Hawaiian in a grass skirt and a floral top!


Hope we got to help you with some costume ideas! Happy Halloween!