MYXPH takes this time to remember soul singer Amy Winehouse.

We know her from her "Back to Black" album in 2006, which won her five Grammy awards. She had hits such as "Rehab", "In My Bed" and "Stronger Than Me." Now, she remains to be but a memory. A singer we will never forget.



Last July 23, 2011, the mentioned singer was found dead at her home in London. At the age of 27, the artist passed away, with empty vodka bottles surrounding her.

Reports stated that it was because of accidental alcohol poisoning. She had been undergoing a period of abstinence, until she went back to it. Coroner Shirley Radcliffe announced that alcohol toxicity caused her death by misadventure. 

It was found that Amy had a blood alcohol level reaching five times the legal driving limit. Coroner said the abundant intake of alcohol could have caused her to "fall asleep and not wake up."

Let us remember the late Amy Winehouse and the wonderful songs she contributed to the industry. 

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