#ThrowbackThursday: A Look At This Year's La Union Soul Surf!

This Thursday, let's look back at this year's La Union Surf Break! 

For seven years in a row, La Union (in cooperation with the Department of Tourism and the La Union Surf Club) has been holding an annual Surf Break event to celebrate the beauty of its waves and the thrill of its surf competition. This year, through Soul Surf, the event went deeper into the roots of surfing and strengthened the image of La Union's lively culture by combining surfing, arts and music.


Beep! Made all of this happen last October 24-27 at the shores of San Juan La Union. People from all over found themselves at Soul Surf for another year of merriment. MYXPH traveled far to be part of this and kept an eye out for those attendees who tried to be fashion forward!Sunglasses and hats are beach essentials and yet these chosen few wore them in style! Check them out below!



What would you wear to the beach? Let us know by leaving a comment below!