Get Chills And Lose Control, Watch A Snippet Of 9 Works Theatrical's "Grease"


You're the one that they want. You're the one that they want, honey!

9 Works Theatricals want you to catch their staging of the musical "Grease" this November 9 to December 1 at the Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium RCBC Plaza, Makati. The show promises to definitely give you chills and make you lose control with the full on dance numbers. Sing along to your favorite "Grease" tracks such as "You're the One That I Want," and "Summer Nights," to name a few.

MYXPH interviewed "Grease" director Robbie Guevara to give you a better idea of what to expect from this play! We also included a snippet of what you might see if you attend the show. Watch below!

"We're very happy to do it," Robbie answered when we asked him how he felt about "Grease." He went on saying, "... because the last time was in the 90's, and it's been a long time since Manila has seen the musical, so we're very excited to show it again."

For him, the musical will take it's viewers back to a time where fun could be had through good music and a good company of friends. "We live in a time that's technology filled and technology influenced, and people's concepts of fun is related... and you need those modern day gadgets, and all that. Grease is set in the 50's, so they didn't have those things, and yet life was fun," he explained. Aside from that, "Grease" aims to remind it's guests the value of music and dancing. "I really want to remind people that you can have fun hanging out with friends, and fun dancing, and that's one really, really, enjoyable thing," he shared this insight with the thought of dance as those paired ones, such as the boogie and the swing. 

It looks like "Grease" will be a blast. What better way to enjoy the pre-holiday season? Buy your tickets now and join in on the fun! 


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