#Yolandagram: KEAN CIPRIANO Helps Yolanda Victims One Photo At A Time

How have YOU helped our fellow countrymen, who have been affected by the typhoon Yolanda? 

Well Raimund Marasigan created a little project that surely has been proven to be effective. What is it? It's Yolandagram.

The photo above comes from @keanedward's Instagram account. It came with the caption:

"One with sir @raymsmercygun. Take a picture with him, then put your cash donations in his shoebox. This is for our brothers and sisters affected by typhoon Yolanda. He calls this Yolandagram. C'mon!"

It looks like Kean really felt inspired because he himself went on copying Raymund's little project! 

He posted on his Instagram:

"I;m officially a yolandagram representative. Thanks for allowing me to do this sir @raymsmercygun as my share of help. You'l be seeing me around with this magic shoebox. For every picture taken, drop your cash donations. This is for the brothers and sisters affected by yolanda. Dont worry i wont steal the money. This will go straight to RED CROSS. Thank you! God Bless you all!"

Just like Raimund's, Kean's Yolandagram is effective and helpful. His first Yolanda helper? Kleggy from Banda Ni Kleggy! 

Fans and followers from all over the Philippines showed their support as well. Just look at the photos below!

No matter where Kean went, there were people who were willing enough to share what they could give to our brothers and sisters who had been affected by the typhoon. 

Even Eunice showed her support and joined the bandwagon by getting a photo with Kean and donating!


All his efforts were put to good use. You can just see the ample amount of money Kean was able to collect.

How are YOU helping our brothers and sisters? Leave a comment and let us know!