Find Out Which Is the Most Favorite Shane Filan Song

Shane Filan fans went crazy when we, MYXPH, approached them for a little interview. We wanted to know what songs of Shane Filan they loved the most and this is what they shared. 

Watch the video below!

For sister fans Sheena and Audrey, Shane's new "Everything To Me" track takes the number one spot in their hearts. "We've been fans for the past fifteen years. Since grade school, we've loved Shane Filan," they both uttered. 

Apol and Kat,  had the same choice too! "Everything To Me" seems to a hit with the Filipino fans! Don't know that song? Listen to it and watch the music video below!

Christian on the other hand likes "Today Is Not Yesterday," aside from the song we have above. Listen to it under:

For Angel, Mae, Nice and Aiza, "basta lahat (ng songs) kasi di nakakasawa!" Any song will do for these hardcore Shane Filan fans. 

How about you? What song do you love of his? Let us know by leaving a comment below!