Do You Have The Same Collectibles As These SHANE FILAN Fans?

Remember when Shane Filan headed on over to the Philippines for his first ever international promotional tour? Well we do! We even went to his press conference at the SM Megamall, where we found several fans from all ages, screaming their lungs out for their idol.

We approached the fans and wanted to find out just how much of a loyal follower each one of them is. We asked them what their collection was and this is what they said:

For Angel, Mae, Aiza and Nice, albums and magazine pretty much make up their Filan shrine. One even said, "everything about westlife and Shane Filan!" Christian on the other hand boasted about his Westlife and Shane Filan t-shirts, balers, bags, and even pillows! Sisters Sheena and Audrey said, "we buy every CD, we buy every book. We import some from the UK just to complete our collection!" 

Looks like these fans are sure to be hardcore! Shane Filan should be glad to know that he has Filipino fans who adore him and appreciate his music. 

What else do you  have of Shane Filan's merchandise? Let us know by leaving a comment below!