SHANE FILAN Gives An Inside Story About His Songs

We all heard Shane Filan's new songs when he headed on over to Manila for his first ever promotional tour. 

Westlife fans were glad that they got to see and hear Shane once again. Were you able to attend any of his shows here? Were you at the SM Skydome? or at the Podium?

MYXPH got the chance to sit down with Shane and ask him all about his new music. During an interview, Shane shared the inside story of his songs. 

He said," my new single "About You" is the second single from my album, my debut album, "You and Me". This single is actually about my wife. But its also about women in general. I think sometimes women don't realize how special they are to somebody... but for me, in my eyes, my wife is perfect.

We surely felt the love he had for his wife. She was pretty much all that he could talk about. His music seems to have been really inspired by her. Listen to him talk about her below!

He went on saying that the song "All You Need To Know" is a very personal song him. It is one of those songs that truly describes his life and how he was feeling at the time he wrote it. He shared, "the whole story line is about how amazing my wife is... how she supported me when I needed her most. She was there for me when I wasn't feeling so sure about stuff. My message to her in that song is that she'll never be alone." 

We hope that his wife continues to inspire him to make beautiful music. 

What do you think about the songs he mentioned? What is your favorite Shane Filan song? Let us know by leaving a comment below!