Find Out What Fans Want Shane Filan To Know

Remember when Shane Filan headed on over to Asia with Philippines as one of his stops? If you've forgotten, the artist went here to start off his first ever international promotional tour for his new album. MYXPH recalls the swarm of fans that came to support him during the press conference. 

We at MYXPH approached these fans and wanted to know what they had to say. We asked them, "If you could leave a message for Shane to hear, what would you want to tell him?" And this is all that they said:

Aside from the utmost career support and loyalty, the fans speak in unity when they say they want Shane Filan back in Manila. In an interview, MYXPH got the chance to get an inside scoop of Shane's plan. Fans, you better look out cause Shane is planning a possible collaboration with a local artist! That's something you could look forward to!

What do you want to tell Shane Filan? Let us know by leaving a comment below!