"We're Coming For Ya!" Says Chicosci To Yolanda Survivors

It's been days since typhoon Yolanda hit our brothers and sisters' homes. We've seen on television just how bad the storm was, that it was able to shatter houses and many of our fellow countrymen's lives. 

The country continues to face the aftermath. Together we have already made so many efforts in order to help those affected to stand up one again. Even foreigners, may they be celebrities or simple men, have given a helping hand. 

MYXPH, through MYX MO! 2013 put artists together to create a massive musical event to raise funds for the Yolanda victims. One of the artists that were present then was Chicosci.

We got to talk to the band after their set and got to take their message to all the survivors:

"Ayun sa mga nandyan sa affected areas, hang in there, help is on the way. Nagtutulong-tulong ang buong bayan and the rest of the world to help you guys! We're coming for ya!"

How about you? What have you done for the Yolanda victims? What else can we do? Let us know by leaving a comment below!