TEGAN AND SARA To Move To Manila?

Last night, November 25, Canadian indie band Tegan and Sara rocked their concert at the NBC Tent. In between their performance, the twins mentioned their love for the Philippines with Sara even mentioning that "Maybe we'll just move here."

Tegan and Sara confessed their love for Filipinos, often complimenting on how attractive and nice the people are. "A lot of you are around the same size as me and Tegan. We Spend our lives having people say 'Wow! You're so short!' " said Sara.

Tons of fans sang along to Tegan and Sara's old and new hits like "Closer", "Back In Your Head", and "Walking With A Ghost". Tegan and Sara were so pleased with the fans that they even 'felt like One Direction'.

Though it has been the duo's first time in the Philippines, the twins said that "Tomorrow is gonna be the worst day cause we'll be leaving. It's so sad. I wish we could just stay here."

If you want to see more of the photos from the concert then click here.

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