ONE DIRECTIONERS Celebrate Midnight Memories Launch At Centris!

One Directioners!

We're you guys at Eton Centris yesterday for the grand album launch of Midnight Memories? Because MYXPH certainly was!

The venue was jam-packed as early as 3:00 PM. The handsome boys may not have been there in the flesh, but the fans made it feel as if they were there in spirit. 

So many things were going on all at the same time. One Directioners were free to loiter around the center of Eton Centris and explore the many booths accessible to to them.



There was an area where fans could purchase One Direction's perfume bottles, a kissing booth and a cupcake sale for the Yolanda victims, a photobooth, 1D merchandise stalls and a stage, which housed the program. 

Aside from that fans and followers got the chance to be serenaded by the likes of Luigi D'Avola and many more.They also got to join raffles that gave them the chance to win 1D collectibles, and even a standee! 

All in all, the fans got the full One Direction experience from afternoon till night! Wish you were there? Look at the photos below!

Were you at the event? Let us know how the experience was for you by leaving a comment!