WILABALIW Will Launch "Fahira" Tomorrow! Come Join The Fun At Route 196!

After launching their album 10.10.10 three years ago, WilaBaliW makes a come back by giving us a glimpse on what they are working on for their new album through launching a music video of their latest single, "Fahira".

Ian Tayao, vocalist of WilaBaliW, shares that ôFahiraö is about the experience of being intoxicated, in a state of mania and panic. In theme with the song "Fahira", Director Jeremy Jay Aba±o played more with the shots using different techniques like "hyperlapse". Aside from that technique, Director Aba±o filmed the band's latest music video in a 360-degree view. The music video is set the band's headquearters, "Kweba", which has been converted into their studio. 

WilaBaliW invites you all to the music video launch on Tuesday, December 3, 9 p.m. at Route 196. Aside from WilaBaliW performing at their video launch, other bands and artists are to rock the stage at the event namely KJWAN, Earthmover, Tribo Subculture and DJ sets by B boy Garcia of Queso (DJ Momukhamo), Rastaro / DJ Reinz.

Will we see you there? Let us know by leaving a comment below!