We know a lot of you are excited for the 2nd installment of "The Hobbit" trilogy, "The Desolation of Smaug"! We'll give you fast facts about the movie that will surely hype you up for the showing on December 11, 2013! 

  • Number of crew member whose sole job on set was to look after prosthetic hands: 1
  • Years the textures department at Weta Digital worked on SmaugÆs skin: 25
  • Average days shooting on a single set: 26
  • Inches that 15-year-old actor John Bell (Bain) grew over the length of production: 4
  • Tons of silicon used to generate the facial prosthetics: 4
  • Hours to complete hair, make-up, prosthetics and wardrobe for each of the 13 Dwarves: 5
  • Average number of doubles used for each main character, including scale, stunt and riding doubles: 5

  • Length of toupe tape used to attach beards to faces: 7 km
  • Weeks of location filming on the Trilogy: 9
  • Human hair for wigmaking: 10kg; Wigs created for the Dwarves: 91
  • Average days it took to renew a studio with a new set: 104
  • Tons of silicone used to mold all of the armor and weapons for all cultures: 14

  • Polystyrene trees, used in various configurations, to make the Mirkwood set: 32
  • People it tookùincluding actors, doubles and stunt menùto portray 13 Dwarves: 65
  • Age of the oldest vintage microphone used to record the score: 80 years
  • Microphones used in the filmÆs scoring session: 88
  • Musicians in the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra recording the filmÆs score: 95
  • Studio sets built for the Trilogy: 99
  • Hobbit feet for Bilbo: 100+
  • Drivers needed to transport the cast and crew to New Zealand locations: 115
  • Approximate population of the TrilogyÆs art department: 250+

  • Beards made for the production: 263
  • Bottles of spirit gum used in the production: 300
  • Traveling weapons for the 13 Dwarves: 547
  • Crew traveling on location between two units: 800
  • Bottles of isopropyl alcohol used to remove prosthetics: 860
  • æExtrasÆ that needed to be cast for the Trilogy: 1200
  • Hand-spun goblets created for SmaugÆs Lair: 2000
  • Props recorded in the furniture catalogue for Lake-town: 3000

  • Approximate number of continuous hours the art department worked to build, decorate, and tear down sets. This involved different crews working 24/7: 8900 hours
  • Prosthetics made for the Trilogy: 11,862
  • Cups of coffee made by craft services throughout production: 140,000+ 
  • Punched aluminum gold plated coins trickled over SmaugÆs Lair: 170,000

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You can watch The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug in all cinemas in the Philippines on December 11, 2013 at all 2D, 3D or IMAX theaters from New Line Cinema and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures through Warner Bros. Pictures. For more info about The Hobbit, log on to



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