What Fashion Blogger LAUREEN UY Would Do If She Get's Her Hands On ADAM LEVINE

Fashion blogger Laureen Uy was asked which music artist she would like to reinvent style wise, and she said Adam Levine.

Don't get her wrong girls, she has nothing against his style. But she just wants to see if Adam would still look sexy all covered up. Watch the video below to find out what she plans to do with Adam if she gets a hold of him.


Do you agree with Laureen? Would a preppy look be good on Adam? Laureen mentioned how much she likes the style of Bamboo, when it comes to male artists. "I really like how he looks mabango," she shared. Maybe this is the angle Laureen is going for. "Parang cute parin siya..." Laureen concluded, after imagining the makeover in her mind.

Aside from Bamboo, Laureen appreciates the sense of style Rihanna has, minus her occasional wild outfit choices. She applauds Beyonce as well saying "skinny girls kasi, it's easier to dress then, but voluptuous and curvy girls kasi it's harder... And she (Beyonce) can still be glamorous." 

What do you have to say about Laureen's picks? Do you like Beyonce, bamboo and Adam's style? Let us know by leaving a comment below!