Saviors of the Earth! Here Are The Top Superhero Movies of 2013!

This 2013, we were brought to the movie house by these superheroes battling it out for their own supremacy.

Today on, we take a look back at the top superhero movies of 2013! Check them out below:

1. Iron Man 3

Last May 2013, movie buffs saw the man in red and gold suit once again as Iron Man 3 stormed back to the big screen.

The third installment of Iron Man is a jump start for the upcoming "The Avengers" movie set for 2015.

2. Man of Steel

The latest installment of the Superman series, "Man of Steel" flew to the Philippine big screens last June.

Henry Cavill, who played the role of Clark Kent for the first time, captured the hearts of the Filipinos and everyone around the world.

In 2015, Superman will go against Batman in the "Man of Steel" sequel "Batman vs Superman." The role of Batman will be played by actor Ben Affleck.

3. The Wolverine

Wolverine and his steel claws were a big treat in 3D last July.

Hugh Jackman's character film will lead to the "X-Men: Days of the Future Past" movie set for 2014 release.

4. Thor: The Dark World

The second installment of the Thor movie series premiered in Philippine theaters last October. 

"The Dark World" may have been Thor's most challenging journey yet, but there's still more to come as "The Avengers" is set to return in 2015.

Were you able to watch these movies? Which one is your most favorite?

And since we gave you the superhero movies of 2013, we're also giving you a peek of what to watch out for this coming 2014!

1. Captain America: The Winter Soldier

2. RoboCop

3. X-Men Days of Future Past

Which movie are you excited to watch? Feel free to leave your comments below!