Top Fashion Bloggers Share Their X-Mas Wish To MYXPH

Fashion bloggers get the latest fashion staples even before they hit the market. The latest shoes, freshest clothing line picks and even the hottest gadgets. What else could they ask for?

MYXPH got up close and personal with some of the top fashion bloggers in the country, and tried to pick their brain on what they would ask Santa Claus this holiday. What is it that they don't have yet? Find out by watching the video below!

Patrica Prieto started the roll call and shared that what she lacks is a camera. "If my parents see this, I want a new camera!" said Patricia. Having the fashion blogger life she lives, it is but important to have a handy and efficient camera on hand. "As a blogger I need to take my outfit photos, and when I attend events, I take pictures and stuff. So i need it in order to just step my blog photos up a notch," she continued sharing. 

Laureen on the other hand didn't want anything material. "What can I ask for this Christmas? Love? Yuck ano ba," she laughed. On the 25th she will wish to receive happiness. "Since Yolanda happened, I really wanna help the people, you know, like maintain their faith and I guess just keep them smiling," Laureen shared. Actually, she and her blogger friends plan to do something this season for those affected by the typhoon. "Probably send them ice cream, or go there, actually ourselves, and just help them and talk to them...hear their stories," she continued saying. 

Buddies Lissa Kahayon and Nicole Anderson had the same sentiment. Nicole voiced out her plan this Christmas. "I'm telling a lot of my friends that if they want to give me a gift, i-donate nalang in kind," said Nicole. 

Looks like celebrities, musicians, and artists aren't the only ones who are trying to make an effort. Even fashion bloggers are trying to lend a hand to our fellow kababayans. 

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