Find Out Which Song Fashion Bloggers NICOLE ANDERSON And LISSA KAHAYON Can't Get Out Of Their Head!

Readers always get the inside scoop on their favorite fashion bloggers. All they have to do keep their eyes on their daily updated websites. What else wouldn't fans know about them? Almost anyone can be in the know of what these fashion bloggers are up to with a magical click of a button. 

Fashion blogger Nicole Anderson shared how she even sometimes tweets the songs stuck in her head. We at MYXPH asked the two, she and Lissa Kahayon what song they can't take off of their head, and this is what they said...

Nicole shared how she's very much into musicals. She's even sing along to the dialogue phrases! One of her favorite musical soundtracks is that of Phantom of the Opera. Listen to it below!

Both agreed though that Royals is the song they call their LSS nowadays. Even after weeks of its music video release, Lissa and Nicole seem to still sing it everywhere they go. Take a listen by playing the track below!

What can you say is your LSS? Let us know by leaving a comment below!