Nicole And Lissa Get Into A Cat Fight Sharing Secrets

Top fashion bloggers Lissa Kahayon and Nicole Anderson sit with MYXPH to spill some dirty secrets. 

"Natatakot ako ah..." said Lissa when close friend Nicole suggested that they they share something fans don't know about yet them, to each other. "Ilalaglag kita!" Nicole Anderson continued to tease. 

"Lissa Kahayon is super boring," Nicole uttered, right before laughing hard. Apparently, in the circle of bloggers, Lissa seems to always be the butt of the joke when it comes to being the most boring. "Kasi siya yung laging maaga matulog, maaga magising...dahil siya yung dedikadong mag-gym palagi," Nicole explained in her friend's defense.

Looks like Lissa often misses out on the fun since she opts to sleep early to be able to wake up fully energized for her 4 am or 5 am workout sessions.

After Lissa was put into the hot seat, Nicole had her fair share of name calling. "Si Nicole... pag gutom talagang she's really a monster..As in mean girl kung mean girl..." Lissa excitedly shares. Nicole laughs along and ends saying, "as in sinasapian ako."

Good the conversation didn't end in a cat fight! Either way, after all those complaints, they know that they embrace each others' personalities, no matter what they are. 

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