SONIC CARNIVAL Was Definitely A Feast Of Sound!


The SM Mall Of Asia Concert Grounds was a playground last night. The whole day affair was swarmed by music lovers. Local bands played in the afternoon in preparation for the DJ sets that came by the time 7 o'clock struck. Flower crowns, masks and lights were all around. The energy oozed from corner to corner. Attendees would lounge on the ground with their friends and loved ones or jump up and down close to the stage. 

The set up indeed made everyone feel like they were in a fair. The carnival theme included jugglers, acrobats, dancers and even game rooms There was always something happening no matter where you decided to take spot. 

Fans went wild when Steve Aoki stepped on stage to wow the crowd. He did not disappoint. From the famed cake, and the signature inflatable bed and pool, Aoki gave Sonic Carnival goers an amazing time. Don't believe us? Check these photos to find out!

For more photos, click here.

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