REBECCA BLACK Is Over "Friday" And Sings "Saturday"

Remember ôFridayö? Well if youÆve forgotten, donÆt worry thereÆs ôSaturdayö for you to remember Rebecca Black.

Once before, Rebecca Black came out with a viral music video to her track ôFriday.ö The song was an internet sensation three years ago, to a point that most began considering it to be called ôthe ôworst song ever.ö ôItÆs Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday. EverybodyÆs lookingÆ forward to the weekend, weekend,ö she sang. And now sheÆs out with a new track ôSaturday.ö Is it really something to look forward to hear? 

The 16 year-old singer moves on from the party she had in ôFridayö and prepares for yet another one in the song ôSaturday.ö The electronic sounding song resembles a pop-ish tune that will probably get stuck in your head all week long. 

Want to see it for yourself? Watch the video!

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