SELENA GOMEZ Drops The F Bomb On Stage


Selena Gomez was obviously not happy with her performance at the Jingle Ball in Los Angeles last December 6 as she drops the f bomb while getting off stage.

The former Disney star had technical difficulties during her set at KISS FM's annual holiday show last Friday night. Not only did her audio go wrong but so did her microphone. According to E! News, Gomez was heard cursing as she stormed off the stage before she was even able to finish her set.

One of the concertgoers told E! News that "She for sure said 'What the f**ck'... You could hear it crystal clear." The concertgoer also added that it "looked like" Selena Gomez was lip-syncing and "she was messing around with her ear piece from the first song so you knew something wasn't right."

Though Gomez promised her audience to sing two more songs, she did not push through with this and just walked out the stage.

Gomez wasn't the only performer that night that had technical difficulties. Ariana Grande encountered problems as well but handled it lightly. She apologized to the crowd saying "I'm sorry the mix was off the entire time. At least you know I'm not tracked."

Witness Selena Gomez curse off stage in this video below!

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