SAVE UP 4 SAVE ME! Find Out How Much Moola You Should Have To Grant SAVE ME HOLLYWOOD Their Christmas Wish! got to ask OPM band Save Me Hollywood what their Christmas wish list is.

At the MYXMo! 2013 backstage, members Calde Calderon, Kenneth Aranza, Aaron Corvera, Melvin Macatiag and Julz Savard gamely thought of things they'd want as Holiday presents. 

Click the video below to find out.

So here's how much you should have to be able to grant each member's wish.

Julz asked for an in-ear monitor which will allow her to hear herself better on stage while performing. A good set would cost around P15,000.

Calde is drooling over the latest Sony Play Station system which I heard will be around P26,000, once it's out in Toy Kingdom.

The cheapest pack of bullets I saw online costs P400 and will make Aaron happy. We just hope he is a responsible gun owner, if he even has one.

Depending of course on the model, Melvin can ride a brand new fuel-efficient automobile en route to his gigs for half a million pesos.

Kenneth's request would be the cheapest of all because the last time I checked, being a vigilant Filipino citizen shouldn't cost a single centavo.

So if our estimates and calculations are correct, the key to Save Me Hollywood's joy this Christmas is worth about (drum roll, please) 


Merry Christmas everyone!

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