The 5 Food Trends That Devoured 2013


2013 is about to end. In a matter of days, 2013 will be a thing of the past. Before we welcome yet another year of new trends and innovations, MYXPH lists down the 5 food trends which filled our mind and hopefully also our tummies.

First on the roll call is the infamous cronut. Complete with a whole in the center, the cronut comes in a round shape with fillings, toppings, and syrups of variety. This croissant-doughnut pastry was something new that most got to try this year.

 Photograph from here.

Next up is ramen. This Japanese noodle soup dish was all the rage this year. several establishments came out this year just to be able to serve this meal. 

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The cookie butter is another trend that hit the market. people started calling on their relatives abroad to ship them this tasty treat. Now, you can find stores and stalls available with this famous jar. there's no need to look far and wide, as the cookie butter jar demand grew big, the supply indeed followed.


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Food trucks became all the rage too this year. Other countries might find this a regular commodity, but in the Philippines, food trucks were rare to find. The number of food trucks have grown throughout the year. Now, parks are the known areas to find these mobile restaurants.


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Lastly we have the macarons. This meringue-based confection has been on sale in the country for years now, but people only got to notice it this year. Homemakers spawned here and there, making it a marketable business done from the comfort of one's house. 

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Were any of these your 2013 guilty pleasures? Let us know by leaving a comment below!