THE DAWN Joins "When Music Saves" Digital Album

During this Christmas season, musicians continue to work together for the benefit of the Yolanda victims.

Iconic band, The Dawn, has joined the "When Music Saves" digital album, which was put together to harness music downloads to raise funds to the affected by the horrifying typhoon. 

In the mentioned digital album, "Tibay ng Pinas" will be found. It is a song from The Dawn's "Sound the Alarm" album, which tells all about the Filipinos' resilience and strength. 

Frontman Jett Pangan said, "For those living in Manila, we can only imagine the devastation and suffering in the Eastern Visayas. This is our tribute to the Filipino spirit that endures against all odds. We can all learn from the strength of these brave survivors."

What are you waiting for? It's your chance to help out! By purchasing a song, you get yourself a track and get to lend a helping hand as well! 

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